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Should You Rent to Pet Owners?

Posted by Tamara Foote on October 21, 2019 in No Category
One of the questions we get asked most by our new investors is, “Should I allow pets in my rental property?” While most concerns with allowing pets are liability and property damage, with the proper planning and systems in place, those concerns are greatly minimized. According to The Humane Society, 72 percent of renters have pets. Not only do you expand the renter pool when you allow pets, but pet owners also tend to stay in one place longer, to avoid putting undue stress on their animals. If you deci... read more
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Weekend Events In Las Vegas 10.10.19

Posted by Tamara Foote on October 10, 2019 in No Category
We may not get color-changing leaves, but fall is definitely in the air! If you are still looking for something to do this weekend, scroll below to see a list of festivals, Halloween themed events and concerts happening in Las Vegas.  Festivals  Summerlin Festival of Arts  Renaissance Festival  Wonderpop Market Family Fur Fun Festival Silver State Brewfest Water Lantern Festival Spooky Events The District Presents "Replicas" The Haunted Harvest Screening of "Casper" at Bruce Trent Park T... read more
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Weekend Events In Las Vegas

Posted by Tamara Foote on October 04, 2019 in No Category
Happy October! This is the time of year when the rest of the country wishes they had our temperatures. Make sure you get out there and enjoy this beautiful weather! Below you will find a variety of events happening across our great city. Festivals  Las Vegas Food & Wine Festival  Downtown Summerlin's Parade of Mischief  Vegas Yoga Festival  Oktoberfest Artisan Craft Festival  Family Events  October Movie Nights at The District  First Friday  Art in the Park Hallow... read more
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Past Recessions and Their Impact on the Housing Market

Posted by Tamara Foote on September 23, 2019 in No Category
If you missed our monthly Real Estate Report video, Chairman and CEO, Bob Hamrick discusses our newest white paper which affirms that while another recession is probable, it's not entirely guaranteed. Increasing questions from apprehensive clients prompted us to create this in-depth report to analyze and historically chronicle past recessions and their impact on the housing market, both nationally and locally. Below, John McClelland, our vice president of research summarizes the report. Presently, media o... read more
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In our latest Real Estate Report video, Bob Hamrick discusses a few "long-shot" developments that have recently been announced. One development, BlueTech Park Properties boasts that it will be constructed out of "net-zero buildings, automated multi-functional designs, renewable energies, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, Internet of Things, robotics, supertrees, and self-healing concrete structures." Blue Tech park says they will feature workforce housing, offices, retail sp... read more
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