Meet the CBPR Executive Council

Coldwell Banker Premier Realty features a team of seasoned and dedicated individuals who have backgrounds ranging from management, strategic services, operations, finance, sales and marketing, all the way through the inner workings of residential and commercial real estate. But the most important trait that can be found within the Coldwell Banker Premier Realty management team is the collective passion for helping agents flourish in their business so that their clients can realize their dream of home ownership. It’s about seeing the big picture without missing the details.

Bob Hamrick

Chairman and CEO

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Molly Hamrick

Tammy Pitts

Tammy Pitts

Vice President of Operations

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Ricky Flores

Vice President of Finance

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Brian Krueger

Senior Vice President of Strategic Services

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Devin Reiss

Devin Reiss

Vice President of Sales & Career Development

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