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Rising Interest Rates and REITs

Posted by John McClelland on July 18, 2013 in  uncategorized
Trepp takes a look at the impacts of rising interest rates on REITs. While it is fairly clear that Mortgage REITs can be very sensitive to the interest rate factor, equity REITs stand differently, both in terms of borrowing costs and what interest rates do to the overall consumer spending.      ... read more

Notices of Default

May Update
Posted by John McClelland on July 12, 2013 in  uncategorized
While we have seen some increasing inventory, it doesn't appear as though a significant amount will come from the bank owned side anytime soon. We are simply not front loading that pipeline. See the foreclosureradar figures for NOD below.   Foreclosure Filings: Nevada > Clark County... read more

Blue Zone 2013 Mid-Year Review

Legislative update, market trends and street level knowledge
Posted by John McClelland on July 12, 2013 in  uncategorized

Las Vegas Residential Investment

REIT, Private Equity and Small Investors
Posted by John McClelland on July 08, 2013 in  uncategorized
We are now in the third quarter and therefore within a reporting cycle that summarizes recent trends. One such report is our Las Vegas Residential Investor IQ report, for the summer season, which examines the single family rental market. This report features: Vacancy and time on market trends Rental rates Capitalization rates Factors that influence investments such as lender owned inventory, default activity, age of inventory and seasonal patterns. Real estate investment terms and concep... read more


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